Our Crusts:

Our crusts are house made and hand pressed. We spend three days making each of our crusts for you to enjoy. They’re thin, crispy, and taste like heaven. Once they’ve been topped to order, they’re slid into our gas fired stone deck pizza oven to cook to perfection, crisping the crusts and melting the cheeses. We hope you will enjoy!

Our Salads:

We use an organic leaf mix that’s crisp and delightful for all of our salads. All the vegetable toppings are freshly prepped in our kitchen each day and make your personalized salad the best it can be. Try one today!


Available in regular (approx. 10″) or large (approx. 16″) size.

We can switch the sauce on any pizza at no additional charge. All come with a blanket of Mozzarella, Provolone, and Cheddar (except #2) and a sprinkle of grated parmesan over house made sauce.

Optional Cauliflower Crust (gluten-free and keto) | $4

 #1 Plain and Simple | $10 / $19

Red sauce, pepperoni

#2 Traditional Margarita | $10 / $19

Red sauce, fresh basil, melted mozzarella chunks, and fresh tomato slices

#3 Where’s the Meat | $12 / $23

Red sauce, pepperoni, bacon, sausage

#4 Touch of Greek God | $12 / $23

Red sauce, prosciutto, olive, pepperoncini, fresh mushrooms, red onion

#5 Rodeo | $12 / $23

BBQ sauce, pepperoni, sausage, fresh mushrooms, bell pepper, French fried onion

#6 Combo | $12 / $23

Red sauce, pepperoni, fresh mushrooms, olive, bell pepper

#7 Get Figgy With It | $12 / $23

Red sauce, bacon, figs, feta crumbles, arugula, balsamic glazed red onion

 #8 BBQ Bird | $11 / $21

BBQ sauce, chicken, red onion

#9 Chicken Bacon Ranch | $12 / $23

Red sauce, chicken, bacon, ranch

#10 Jalapeno Madness | $11 / $23

White sauce, chicken, jalapeno

#11 Aloha | $10 / $19

Red sauce, Canadian bacon, pineapple

#12 Just Cheese Please | $9 / $17

Red sauce and cheese

#13 Mac and Cheese | $13 / $25

White sauce, bacon, sausage, mac & cheese

#14 Buffalo Bird | $12 / $23

Frank’s Buffalo Sauce, chicken, blue cheese crumbles

#15 Chicken Pesto | $14 / $26

Pesto white sauce, chicken, artichoke pieces

#16 S’mores Pizza | $10 / $19

Nutella, graham cracker, roasted marshmallow, Hershey’s chocolate drizzle


Meat and Cheese Platter | $12

Smoked Gossner Swiss, Tillamook Cheddar, Margherita hard salami, served with Inglehoffer stone ground mustard and 2 Big Ed’s freshly baked buns

Cheesy Artichoke Spinach Dip | $11

House made creamy, cheesy, artichoke spinach dip served with corn chips

Cheesy Garlic Bread and Marinara | $11

Mozzarella, provolone, cheddar, parmesan over olive oil, garlic and Italian seasoning bread served with house marinara dip. Can be made on GF Cauliflower crust | add $4

BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders | 3/$8 or 6/$14

Pulled pork drizzled with BBQ sauce on a freshly baked Big Ed’s bun

BBQ Chicken Sliders | 3/$8 or 6/$14

Pulled chicken drizzled with BBQ sauce on a freshly baked Big Ed’s bun

Pretzel Twist and Cheese Dip | $6

Big Ed’s Bavarian hot salted pretzel twist served with a bowl of hot cheese dip


A healthy helping of corn tortilla chips topped with:

Pulled Pork Nacho | $12

Seasoned pulled pork, jalpeño, onion, over queso cheese, drizzled with salsa verde

Chicken Fajita Nacho | $12

Seasoned chicken, bell pepper, and onion, over quest cheese, drizzled with salsa verde

Salads | $9

Use the “Build Your Own” cards at the front counter to make the perfect unique salad for yourself. Just mark the toppings you’d like us to put on them.

Non-Alcoholic drinks

Large variety of sodas | $2 free refills

Rotating Kombucha

Hot teas

Hot chocolate or apple cider

Ablis CBD drinks